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What makes us unique is that we can adapt our skill set to be of service at any part of the production process. From concept to completion or as production partners TVRE can help you get your project completed at fees that are very competitive.
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Joseph Giovenco
T V R E Productions Inc.
Cell: 716.479.5152
25 Years Experience as
Producer/ Director
Thomas Vetter
T V R E Productions Inc.
Phone: 716.836.8768
Cell: 716.725.7980
20 Years Experience as
Videographer/ Editor


Joseph Giovenco

I've been working in the visual arts since it was paper, glue, stats and hand set type. Film cans, processing and long hours in the darkroom taught me how to do what I do. At the risk of sounding like the old guy, which I am, the old way was a good way to learn the craft, this craft, how to tell a story with pictures and words.
Any video has to tell a story, does not matter what it is, commercial, training, informational, there is always a story to tell. You might have 30 seconds, you might have an hour, the task is tell the story, and that is what we do.
For the eight years we have been in business as TVRE, although we are almost universally known as Joe & Tom, that is what we have tried to do, tell the story, and support it with whatever the story needs. The right interview, the right sound bite, graphics, animation or sometimes nothing but the right 10 seconds will tell the story, knowing which works where, that's the craft.
So, how do we differ from other Video Production companies? it's simply this, we do the work, you hire us you get the two of us. Is it the most profitable way to run a production house? No it's not. Is it the best way to get the best product for our clients? We think so.

Tom Vetter

Just over 20 years ago I shot my first video for a local TV station. On that first day this is what I knew, I knew which end of the camera to look into and barely that. Since then I've learned a bit more, but that is what I like best about the work we do, I learn about other's stories.
This is what I think, when I point a camera at someone or pin a mic to them, I have a responsibility to do the best that I can. They are trusting me to tell their story as they need it told at that moment. The work we do is central to people and what they need to say. It probably goes back to all my years as a News Videographer, from a ribbon cutting to a terrorist attack, no matter the story I did my best to get the best video I could at that moment.
If there is a common theme to our work its that we always look to find the person that can explain what needs to be said, whatever what we do, commercial, corporate or institutional It doesn't matter, when we can, it's the person's voice that tells the story.
Sometimes yes, there needs to be narration or voice over to illustrate or more clearly explain what needs to be said, but that is for us always plan B. It's maybe the more difficult way to produce effective video, but we feel it's the best way.
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